The Chamber of Commerce
for South Africans

Because of a growing need for the support of South African business people in the United States, the South African Chamber of Commerce in the USA was established.

Our vision is to be the voice and preeminent business chamber organization, by offering superior value to its stakeholders, lobbies for and represents the collective interests of South African businesses in the USA.

Our mission is to effectively protect and promote the interests of business.

Announcing Mr. Robert Gumede SA Chamber USA Advisory Board Chairman

Mr. Gumede is firstly a smart business strategist. And secondly, a visionary leader with business operations in Africa and various countries over the world.

The SA Chamber USA has a critical role to play to grow foreign investment in South Africa and enthusiastically promote the wide array of opportunities available for trade and investment in the country’s economy. It is important to note that South Africa as an economic giant is a gateway to the rest of Africa’s 1.3bn population and vast business opportunities”

Robert Gumede

Our latest news and events

May 10, 2022

Open Passport DC

SA Chamber USA and our Members South African Emporium, Fumana International, Wine and More Reimagined participated in the Washington DC “Open Passport DC” event this weekend […]
May 8, 2022

Mothers Day 2022

SA Chamber USA wishes all our Mothers a blessed Mother’s Day. Today we appreciate the important role our Mothers play in Saffa immigrant families in the […]
April 30, 2022

Freedom Day 2022

South African wine from SA Chamber USA members Fumana International and Wine and More Reimagined was served during the Freedom Day celebration at the South African […]

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