The SOUTH AFRICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE IN THE USA (SACCUSA) is a voluntary Association and Business organization, established by the founding members for the benefit of all businesspeople, entrepreneurs, professionals and academics living in the United States of America with any past, current, or future link to South Africa.

South Africans living in the United States of America identified the need to have a functional, stable and active federal Association for South African businesspeople, professionals and academics. SACCUSA is that Federal body of all South African business organizations and Chapters.

SACUSSA was established at a meeting of the

Founding Members in Atlanta, GA as a federal business organization with a mandate to represent the south African business Diaspora and advance South African business interests in all States and Cities of the USA.

The Founding members acknowledge the various previous South African business groups and organizations across the USA that worked over the years to organize and mobilize South Africans and made it possible for the establishment of a federal body and business chamber.

SACUSSA will continue the legacy of those business groups and organizations that have been representing South African business over time.


“the encouragement, facilitation and expansion of business, trade, tourism and investment opportunities between South Africa and the USA with the aim to promote economic inclusion, economic transformation, economic development and economic growth. “


“to be a federal body Chamber of Commerce with a national footprint representing South African business and advancing South African business interests between members in every major City and State in the United States of America and South Africa.”

SACCUSA Objectives
  • Actively link, connect and network members;
  • Unlock new business opportunities between South Africa and the USA;
  • Always project South Africa in a positive way that will promote investment
  • Advance transformation, inclusion and representativity of all South Africans;
  • Reflect South Africa’s unity, diversity and cultural richness;
  • Work with the Embassy to lobby for more bi-lateral trade and investment between the USA
    and South Africa

Guiding Principals and Values of SACCUSA



SACCUSA is a business organisation established to promote the interest of South Africans in the USA through business, commerce, trade and tourism between South African and the USA.


SACCUSA has as its main objective to advance promote and unlock business opportunities for members and their business interests by actively linking, connecting and networking between members in the United States of America and in South Africa.



SACCUSA is driven by good governance principals, including building inclusivity through democracy and social cohesion on non-racialism, non-sexist and economically inclusive activities and actions.


SACCUSA will always project South Africa in a way that will promote business with South Africa and the diversity and cultural richness of the people of South Africa.



SACCUSA will forge alliances with similar organisations created for similar objectives to the mutual benefit of organisations, their members and stakeholders


SACCUSA will advance the principals of economic development and inclusion of South Africans in the mainstream economy by establishing chapters in all the States of the United States of America.


SACUSSA will build on the good work of those that came before us and always maintain a close bond with the Ambassador and Embassy of South Africa in Washington DC, including all DIRCO missions in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.


SACCUSA will be a functional, stable and active federal Association for South African businesspeople, professionals and academics.

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