Influential Leaders

Established, responsible leaders who display the traits, courage and heart required to deliver on the SDGs
in the ‘age of doing,’ and beyond.


Our advisory board embodies accomplished business leaders with vision, integrity, grit and most of all passionate South Africans. They are responsible leaders who are eager to tackle the challenges to reach the Sustainable Development Goals that has been set.

The aim of the Advisory Board is to help South African businesses in the USA participate in the shift to a global and sustainable economy for South African businesses.These five attributes are crucial to accelerate growth and improve social cohesion in SA business sector.

  1. Stakeholder inclusion
    Safeguarding trust and a positive impact for all stakeholders by fostering an inclusive environment in decision making where all individuals have a voice and feel they belong.
  2. Emotion and intuition
    Unlocking commitment and creativity by showing compassion, humility and openness.
  3. Mission and purpose
    Advancing common goals by inspiring a shared vision of sustainable prosperity for businesses and stakeholders.
  4. Technology and innovation
    Creating new organizational and societal value by innovating responsibly with emerging technology.
  5. Intellect and insight
    Finding ever-improved paths to success by embracing continuous learning and knowledge exchange



Mr Robert Gumede

Guma Group

Robert Gumede is a South African businessman and philanthropist. He is also one of Africa’s most accomplished business leaders and investors. Moreover, Mr Gumede is a global entrepreneur. And most of all, he is the Executive Chairman of the Guma Group. A group of diversified companies that employ 12,000 people around the world.

The Guma Group, is a leading black-owned investment company with a string of international businesses. Mostly spanning across Information Technology, mining, energy, tourism, infrastructure development and hospitality. Mr. Gumede is firstly a smart business strategist. And secondly, a visionary leader with business operations in Africa and various countries over the world. His reach includes the USA, UK, Brazil, Australia, India, Russia, Spain, Turkey, Chile, Japan, Caribbean, and also the Middle East.

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