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June 4, 2021

Visa update H-2B

SA Chamber USA H-2B Visa update – Under the recently announced H-2B supplemental cap temporary final rule, the USA USCIS has received enough petitions to reach […]
May 26, 2021

Tannies Tee

South Africans in Nashville Tennessee had their famous “Tannies Tee” this week. Great that South Africans are connecting and networking in the USA. Thank you Kobie […]
May 21, 2021

Studio 135 ATL

Neil Diamond from SA Chamber USA interviewed Executive Chef Gray Wilson of True North Provisions. He held a great culinary event in Atlanta this evening at […]
May 21, 2021

H-2B Visas 2021

SA CHAMBER USA keeping Saffas updated on H-2B visa’s for the fiscal year 2021 – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Labor […]
May 21, 2021

Dale Cardwell

SA Chamber USA met Dale Cardwell and discussed how to establish “Trusted Business” standards for SA Chamber USA members. We want to promote South African business […]
May 14, 2021

Opening of the South African Emporium

The official opening of the South African Emporium SA Chamber USA wishes Colleen Frost and Magda Odendaal well on the official opening of the South African […]
May 6, 2021

Visa updates for F type visas

Visa updates for South Africans with F type visas Because of the recent visa updates to the travel regulations in the USA, please ensure to obtain […]
May 1, 2021

Dual Citizenship in the USA

Dual Citizenship – All you need to know SA Chamber USA keeps South Africans in the USA informed. In this article, we will discuss Dual Citizenship […]
December 10, 2020

Tourism Month

SA Chamber USA declares December 2020 Tourism Month The SA CHAMBER USA declared December 2020 as their Tourism Month. We will focus specifically on tourism in […]