SACCUSA and the H-2A Program

SACCUSA, with its enduring commitment to fostering South African business interests in the United States, is deeply involved in the H-2A Temporary Agricultural Worker program. This US immigration service allows US employers or US agents who meet specific regulatory requirements to bring foreign nationals to the United States to fill temporary agricultural jobs.

Our organization sees this program as an opportunity to deepen and diversify the connections between the two nations. Recognizing the potential benefits the program can bring for both countries, we’ve been instrumental in offering support to South African workers and US employers throughout the entire process.

Diversification and Transformation

SACCUSA is not just about establishing business ties but about transforming them to reflect the rich diversity and cultural vibrancy of South Africa. We view the H-2A program as a conduit for increasing diversity and inclusion within the agricultural sector of the United States, providing opportunities for South African workers to share their unique skills and knowledge.

Our involvement in the H-2A program includes:


We advocate for fair and equitable treatment of all H-2A workers, ensuring that the principles of diversity and inclusion are not compromised.

Through our continued involvement with the H-2A program, SACCUSA seeks to transform the narrative of South African workers in the United States. Our goal is to help create a diversified, inclusive, and prosperous agricultural community that benefits both nations.

SACCUSA is proud to support this significant program, forging stronger economic ties between the USA and South Africa and contributing to the positive transformation of the agricultural sector. We are committed to the ongoing development of this initiative, fostering new opportunities for South African workers and enriching the agricultural landscape of the United States.

US citizenship involves legal rights and responsibilities, obtained through birth, naturalization, or descent. Immigration to the US involves entry, visas, green cards, and pathways to citizenship, impacting diverse communities.

For additional information on the H-2A program you can visit the following websites:
  • (U.S. Mission to South Africa: Seasonal Agricultural and Non-Agricultural Visas)


  • (U.S. Department of State: Temporary Worker Visas)




  • (U.S. Department of Agriculture: H-2A Visa Program)


  • (U.S. Department of Labor: H2-A Temporary Agricultural Program)


  • (U.S. Department of Labor: H-2A-Temporary Agricultural Employment of Foreign Workers)

If you are interested in becoming an H-2A Worker, apply here.

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    If you are interested in becoming an H-2A Agent or Recruiter, apply here.

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      Details of H-2A Agents and Recruiters


      Manuel Fick -


      Mark Martins -

      CV Placements

      Callie & Marieta Visagie -

      Farm 4 USA

      Lizelle & Izak Piet Van Der Merwe -

      USA Agri Employment

      Sakkie and Donsie Nel -


      William Radloff -

      Growing the H-2A program through Diversity and inclusion

      • U.S. laws and regulations expressly prohibit the consideration of race or ethnicity – among other protected classes – as a factor in a decision to hire an employee or to grant a benefit such as participation in the H-2A program. 
      • In collaboration with partners in the United States and South Africa, the SA CHAMBER USA with the U.S. Mission in South Africa is identifying specific points in the H-2A employment cycle where there is a need for diversity and inclusion of gender and race.
      • The agricultural sector and H-2A stakeholders are moving toward a population of H-2A workers that reflects the diversity of South Africa.  We see this as an opportunity to expand participation in the H-2A program and grow South Africans participating in the program to be more inclusive of all South Africans.

      Pledge to inclusivity and diversity

      We, the undersigned business, affirm our intent to improve access to opportunities for temporary agricultural employment in the United States for all South Africans. Our company commits to promoting greater inclusivity and diversity in the H-2A program through increased efforts to recruit and/or place qualified individuals from underrepresented communities and groups.

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